Electric Vehicle News

Ford Mach 1 electric SUV

Ford announces plans for 16 EVs by 2022 plus 24 plug in hybrids

Ford has announced plans to invest $11 billion into electric vehicles in the next five years, doubling their previous investment plans.  Altogether they plan on bringing 40 electric vehicles to the... Read more ››
Fully Autonomous Chevy Bolt interior

GM announces fully autonomous version of their electric Bolt for 2019

GM has filed a petition to the DOT to get permissions to deploy a fully autonomous version of its electric Chevy Bolt as early as 2019.  In the petition, they have filed a lengthy report to make... Read more ››
Tesla Trip Planner

Tesla launches web based trip planner

While there are already other similar options out there, it is nice to see that Tesla has now launched an official trip planner on their website. The interface is basic: a Google map showing... Read more ››
Red Tesla Model 3 rear

Tesla Model 3 production at 1,000 per week, record quarter overall

Tesla sent out their 4th Quarter and 2017 production and delivery results this afternoon. The total deliveries across the brand were 29,870 vehicles for fourth quarter, their highest quarter to date... Read more ››
2018 Nissan Leaf

New Nissan Leaf with 225 mile range to cost $35,000

PushEVs reports that the upcoming 60 kWh battery version of the new Nissan Leaf (model year 2019) will have a range of 225+ miles and a base price of $35,000, matching the base 220 mile Tesla Model 3... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 in Pearl White

VIN registration changes hint at 2,984 Model 3s sold in 2017

While Tesla has been quiet about 2017 deliveries or production ramp up progress so far, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) registration has been our best method of guessing at how that is going. We... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 Road Trip

I caught up with the Tesla Model 3 Road Trip - here are my thoughts

A couple days ago I finally got to drive the Tesla Model 3, thanks to You You Xue and his Tesla Model 3 Road Trip. By the time you read this, he's already traveled halfway across the country, but if... Read more ››
Tesla Semi Truck

Growing list of companies that have ordered the Tesla Semi

Since the unveiling on November 16, companies left and right have been reserving the Tesla Semi. Some have ordered just a few, while others are ordering larger fleets of them.  The takeaway from this... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 in Pearl White

Tesla Model 3 orders have opened to the public

Multiple people have reported that they have received their invitations to confirgure their Model 3, marking the first time non-employees have been able to order their car. Lead time looks to be just... Read more ››
Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla teases pickup truck that can haul a pickup truck

Along with the unveiling of the Semi and new Roadster, Tesla shared a quick glimpse at the future of the pickup truck last night.  When Elon posted the Tesla Master Plan Part Deux, he mentioned the... Read more ››