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Find owners and enthusiasts to connect with, ask questions, and meet up with to take a look at electric cars. EV.network was born out of the desire to connect people who have questions about electric vehicles with those who have a passion for them.

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Our goal is to dispel the myths and clear up the misinformation that is out there concerning electric vehicles.

The best way to do that is to let people talk to owners that have already made the switch to driving electric, in hopes that once you experience electric driving, you will make the switch from an information seeker to an EV Advocate yourself.

How It Works

Finding or Becoming an EV Advocate

We're here to connect people. Those of us who are EV owners already are eager to share why we love our vehicles so much. We are asked on a regular basis about our cars, and many of us would love the opportunity to convince non owners to make the switch.

If you are an EV owner, and would like to become an advocate for electric vehicles, sign up. Add your EVs to your profile. Seekers can send you a message, and then you can go from there if you'd like to chat with them or meet with them in person to discuss your love for EVs and answer any questions they have. Maybe you will even want to take them for a ride to show them just how amazing driving an EV feels.

If you are not yet an EV owner, then sign up to seek and connect with current owners. Search for owners in your area and get personalized questions answered, such as how much money is saved in your area, or how the range limits of a particular car work in the real world in your town. Some EV owners might even be willing to meet up with you to discuss their car, show you the pros and cons (just kidding, it's all pros) and maybe even take you for a spin!

Electric vehicles are the future, and we want to make the transition as smooth as possible; as smooth as the ride in an EV!