A wind turbine in Denmark broke the record for the most energy produced over a 24 hour period in December. The 720 foot tall behemoth is part of MHI Offshore Wind. 

On December 1, the turbine produced 215,999.1 kWh of electricity in a 24 hour period. To put that in perspective, that's enough electricity for:

  • Recharging 2,160 Tesla Model S P100D from completely empty to full (if that were possible)
  • Recharging 7,200 Nissan Leafs from empty to full
  • Power an average American household for twenty years
  • Power 7,200 American homes for 24 hours.

One rotation of the blades can power a home for over 24 hours and power an average electric car for 40 miles.

The company says under ideal conditions it could output even more power. 

The turbines are amazing pieces of machinery. The blades alone weigh 35 tons apiece and are 262 feet long! Though it woul take a LOT of these (nearly twenty thousand of them) to power the entire US grid, these could offset usage and ease demand on polluting sources such as coal, as well as complimenting giant solar arrays.