Tesla finally posted their picks for the top ten submissions for their Project Loveday video contest.

Here is a playlist of their picks 

You have to vote by liking the posts on their Twitter feed, which is a bit flawed, since MKBHD, one of my favorite tech reviewers, made it into their top ten, and he has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube. He also happens to be in the lead in votes by a very huge margin. Marques' video also didn't follow some of the guidelines. I specifically changed my idea because the rules said the video could not feature any other brand of car. 

I watched a lot of submissions when the June deadline passed, and only a couple of their choices would have made it into my own top ten. 

I submitted my own video for the contest. Here it is:

I Dream of a World...

While I did not expect to win after watching some others, I thought mine was at least better than some of the ones that made it into their list.

Now, here are ten other great submissions that I think Tesla should have chosen.

1. One of the best, in my opinion, is this one by WSPR Creative. 

I was not expecting this one at all. Sorry, I was cutting an onion...




2. Your Sun, by Andy Slye

A great message delivered from a son to his parents


3. Play, by Sky Iris Productions

I like the overall feel of this one, and love the cinematography



4. Dinosaur, by Studio 303

Cute and nostalgic, tells a story with no words



5. Project Loveday, by Weekdae

Excellent video clips and simply shows off the car



6. Quietly Beautiful, by Andy McKay

I love this one because it is how I feel about cars. I want as close to complete silence as possible.



7. Future, by GRIDLINE

Looks and feels like a real car commercial


8. 0-60 in 2.5 Seconds - Face of the Future, by Jake Frankenfield

This captures exactly why so many of us are blown away by our first ride in a Tesla!


9. For Our Future, by Billy Crammer

Excellent message, good quality video


10. Nikola, by WAGG Films

Funny, creative and a little different

Any really good ones I missed?