Multiple reports are incoming that NC DMV commissioner Torre Jessup has put a halt to all test drives and ride alongs at the Charlotte (Matthews), North Carolina Tesla gallery/service center.

UPDATE: I called the Charlotte location and they verified that they indeed are no longer allowed to offer test drives.

Previously the DOT sided with the NC dealers, which included Hendrick Automotive Group and Sonic Automotive Inc., to ban direct sales from the Matthews NC store in May of 2016.

Now the Charlotte gallery will no longer be able to offer test drives to potential customers. The Raleigh, NC store does still have a license to sell and give test drives if you are in that area.

The entire goal of this website is to put potential EV owners in contact with EV owners, so maybe now is the time for Tesla owners to step in and give anyone who wants to experience a Tesla in NC an opportunity.

Meanwhile, I encourage anyone in North Carolina to call and email the commissioner and lawmakers to put and end to this unethical practice of blocking Tesla. We can start by emailing Torre Jessup at or calling 919-861-3015

NC DMV contact information