Since the unveiling on November 16, companies left and right have been reserving the Tesla Semi. Some have ordered just a few, while others are ordering larger fleets of them. 

The takeaway from this is that companies are confident that the trucks will save them money, as that is typically the first thought to a large corporation. The Semi's premium cost is supposed to pay for itself within two years according to Tesla, when you take into account fuel and maintenance savings. With a range of 500 miles and a 30 minute 400 mile recharge time, the Tesla Semi will fit most companies' needs. The truck has an impressive 0-60 of 5 seconds when empty, but more impressive is 0-60 of 20 seconds with a full 80,000 pound load.

Here is a list of the big names that have put in orders with Tesla for the Semi, which will be in production in 2019:

  • JB Hunt - Trucking company has ordered an unspecified number, but investors say it's 40
  • Walmart - The huge retailer has placed an order for 15 of the trucks
  • Meijer - Michigan based grocery chain has ordered four. As a side note, Meijer has been partnering with Tesla all over the Midwest to put supercharging stations at their stores. 
  • Loblaw - Canadian supermarket chain has ordered 25 Tesla Semis, but they have stated that 100% of their fleet will be electric by 2030
  • Anheuser-Busch - The brewing company has ordered 40 Semis
  • Sysco - Food distribution company has reserved 50 Semis
  • DHL - Logistics company will be getting 10 of the trucks
  • Ryder - transportation company has reserved an unspecified number
  • Flexport - freight company has ordered one truck
  • JK Moving - moving company has oredered four trucks
  • Fercam - Italian based trucking company has reserved one Semi
  • Girteka Logistics - European transportation company has reserved one Semi
  • Fortigo Freight Services - Canadian logistics company has reserved one Semi
  • Best Transportation - shipping company has reserved one Semi
  • Mecca & Son Trucking - trucking company has reserved one Semi
  • Pepsi - The food and drink company has placed an order for 100 Semis
  • UPS - the shipping company has placed an order for 125 of the trucks

The grand total of reservations of the Tesla Semi so far is over 425. Not bad for a $200k+ vehicle that will not go into production for two more years.

This shows the confidence that people have in Tesla as a company.

As for me, I am more interested in a future free from emissions and noise that come from big trucks, especially the short haul market, which is what Tesla is targeting for now, that drive around town and through neighborhoods.