PushEVs reports that the upcoming 60 kWh battery version of the new Nissan Leaf (model year 2019) will have a range of 225+ miles and a base price of $35,000, matching the base 220 mile Tesla Model 3 and beating the price of the Chevy Bolt.

2019 Nissan Leaf range and price
BEV Segment Range and Price Distribution by Nissan

The new Leaf already looks to be a solid contender in the shorter range market with the 160 mile, 40 kWh version. The fact that the larger battery gives slightly more range than the Model 3 at the same price is a good thing, as it should easily outsell the Bolt, a solid EV but one that costs more with arguably less options.

GM is going to have a tough time selling more Bolts as they, like Tesla, are nearing the 200,000 vehicle mark for tax credits, while Nissan brings a slightly cheaper car with more available options to the table. 

Competition is what will make all EVs gain traction though. As a 2013 Leaf owner myself, I am excited to test drive the new Leaf (still buying the Model 3 though).