Mike Hoffman, EV Advocate

I have been interested in electric cars for years, and started getting really excited in 2006 when Tesla released the Roadster. For the next ten years, I I hoped that a viable EV would come along in my price range. The Model S was the first EV I fell in love with, but way over budget for me, so I waited. I test drove a couple Teslas and put a deposit on the LONG awaited Model 3 on March 31, 2016. I decided I couldn't continue to drive my gas car any longer so I replaced it with a used Nissan Leaf in August 2016. Finally got my Model 3 on March 31, 2018, exactly two years after I stood in line to reserve it. Love it!

My Electric Vehicles

"Imperial Guard"

Tesla Model 3 - 2018, LR RWD, Multicoat Red Metallic, PUP

Nissan LEAF - 2013, SV, Brilliant Silver

I reserved a Tesla Model 3, but just couldn't wait that long to be driving electric, so I picked up this slightly used Leaf to hold me over until the Model 3 gets here.