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Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

Tesla Model 3 spotted in New Zealand

Users in the New Zealand EV Owners group and the Tesla Talk New Zealand group on Facebook have posted pictures of the Tesla Model 3 at the Aukland airport, marking the first time the car has been... Read more ››
Volkswagen ID Buzz electric microbus

Volkswagen's electric I.D Buzz microbus is going into production

Volkswagen chairman Herbert Diess confirmed to Auto Express that the electric reboot of the iconic microbus will be making it to production. He told them: “We would like to bring this back because it... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 screen

New photos of Tesla Model 3 show us more details

Photos of the Model 3 release candidates have been popping up almost every day, but thanks to user youyouxue on reddit, we have some of the best photos yet of the car, which goes into production next... Read more ››
True cost of the Tesla Model 3

How much will a Tesla Model 3 really cost?

For many people, even the Model 3 can look expensive, but when you look at total cost of ownership over the life of the car, the results can be surprising. I built a speadsheet that anyone can use as... Read more ››
Kitten rescued from Tesla Model X bumper

A kitten got stuck in the rear bumper of a Tesla Model X

It's not uncommon to hear strange sounds in a car. Sometimes a part is loose or there is a mechanical failure. But a meow coming from the rear of the car is not normal. Tesla Motors Club member SUMD... Read more ››
Tesla Model Y SUV

The Model Y - the real innovation from Tesla

The photo above is a mockup based on the teaser image released at the shareholders' meeting There is not a whole lot of confirmed information about the Model Y, but from what little we do know, it... Read more ››
2017 Tesla Model X crash test

First SUV to achieve 5 star crash rating in every category is a Tesla

Tesla is known for having extremely safe cars, they are engineered that way. The Model S has seen a few high profile crashes where the occupants walk away unscathed, and it broke the NHTSA's crash... Read more ››
Tesla Model Y teaser image

What can we tell from the Tesla Model Y teaser image?

Yesterday at the Tesla shareholder meeting, Elon Musk gave us all a few bits of detail about the upcoming Model Y, which is their smaller crossover SUV. Up until recently, they had said it would be... Read more ››
Used Tesla Model S CPO Certified Preowned

You can get into a CPO used Tesla Model S for around $30,000

Rumors were swirling recently that Tesla was going to be offering some really good deals on a Model S in their Certified Pre-Owned listings, and it looks like they were true. If you look on their... Read more ››
Daimler Mercedes Electric B-Class Vehicle

No more gasoline or diesel powered Mercedes?

A poster in Tesla Facebook group has stated that a source in Daimler's production chain has told him that they are planning on ceasing production of internal combustion engines within the next decade... Read more ››