Electric Vehicle News

Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler to unveil full EV minivan in January

Fiat Chrysler plans to unveil a full electric minivan at CES2017 in January, according to sources that spoke to Bloomberg. FCA, who was also known to the first company to partner with Google to... Read more ››

Lucid Motors unveils the all electric Lucid Air

Lucid Motors took to Fremont California this afternoon to unveil the Lucid Air, an all electric luxury sedan. The company claims the car has 1,000 horsepower, enough to push it 0-60 miles per hour in... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model 3

Why does everyone compare the Chevy Bolt to Tesla?

Chevy has a total of three of their electric Bolts on the streets of San Francisco. This is either good (more EVs!) or bad (really, only three of them?). It seems like everyone else is waiting for... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt

GM delivers the first three Chevy Bolts

GM promised to start delivering the Chevy Bolt in 2016. They just barely made it, as the first three Bolts have arrived in the hands of owners in the San Francisco area. Sadly, the Bolt is not yet... Read more ››
Faraday Future vs Tesla Model X

Faraday Future teases a car that beats the Tesla Model X

Faraday Future posted a teaser this evening showing their upcoming prototype shooting off the line against a Ferrari 488 GTB, a Bentley Bentayga and a Tesla Model X.  It's not just any Model X either... Read more ››
Honda NeuV concept

Honda reminds people they don't like EVs with their latest EV concept

Honda isn't exactly known for being an EV company. They released the overpriced and underwhelming Fit EV only in select markets in 2012, and have spent a decade trying to push the Clarity hydrogen... Read more ››
Ohio Electric 1912 Model X

Tesla wasn't the first to make an EV called the Model X (or Model Y)

It is fairly well known, at least to Tesla enthusiasts, that the Model 3 was originally supposed to be called the Model E (to spell out S-E-X), but Ford owned the trademark and would not let it go.... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt Charging

GM warns of massive potential battery degradation in the Chevy Bolt

Battery degradation is a big concern for EV owners and haters alike. We've become accustomed to huge capacity losses on our phones and laptops after a couple years, but in your car, you need it to be... Read more ››
Autonomous Self Driving Nissan Leaf

Nissan developed a self driving Leaf to tow cars around the parking lot

Nissan has modified a few Nissan Leafs (or is that Leaves?) to ferry other cars around the parking lot at the plant in Oppama, Japan.  The cars drive themselves, and can carry three other cars on a... Read more ››
Tesla in China

China proposes strict mandates for Zero Emission Vehicles

Many countries outside the United States are pushing for electric vehicle adoption in order to reduce emissions, but China has just taken the biggest step yet to accelerate the transition. China is... Read more ››