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Tesla Model 3 March 31, 2016

Tesla Model 3 reservation process explained

Tesla Motors has explained the reservation process for the upcoming Model 3 that is bring unveiled on March 31.  In short, your best bet is to: Get in line in store. Reservations start at 10am... Read more ››

Did Tesla just hide the Model 3 in plain sight? UPDATE: no

This might be a long shot, and my eyes might be deceiving me, but it looks like the Tesla Model 3 is hiding in plain sight in a photo Tesla posted on Facebook. UPDATE: I was wrong. It was a user... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 rendering

The Tesla Model 3 will be a huge success, despite the naysayers.

As the Tesla Model 3 unveiling approaches, I am constantly scouring the web with thousands of other potential buyers for any bit of news. Tonight, I came across a scathing article by Business Insider... Read more ››
Nissan electric car fuel station of the future

Nissan gives a glimpse of the fuel station of the future

Nissan released a video to show the world what the future could look like if everything from homes to businesses to cars were all connected on one power grid. Some of the ideas are far out there, and... Read more ››
Nissan Leaf disables remote control app

Nissan Leaf remote control app disabled due to security flaw

A security researcher named Troy Hunt has reported the climate control system that is accesible via the remote control app for the Nissan Leaf is vulnerable to hacking. According to the researcher,... Read more ››
Tesla Model S by Radio Flyer

Now your kid can own a Tesla Model S too!

Do you drive a Model S and wish your child could drive one too? Radio Flyer, the makers of the iconic red wagon, has partnered with Tesla Motors to create a real drivable Model S for kids, and they'... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 unveiling is March 31

Tesla today released its Q4 and full 2015 earnings (PDF), and within the treasure of information, has stated that the Model 3 will be unveiled on March 31. Also, it's still stated that the Model 3... Read more ››
Google's Self Driving Car

US regulators say that Google's car could be the driver, not the occupants

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has told Google that the computer of their self driving cars, and not any of the occupants, can now be considered the "driver" of the car.  The... Read more ››
Tesla Summon Apple Watch

You can now summon your Tesla with your Apple Watch

We've seen dozens of videos of people using the summon feature, but this one takes it a step further. Using the Remote S app, Mark Schey of New Jersey shows us how to call your Tesla out of the... Read more ››
Tesla Autopilot

See how Tesla's Autopilot can change how you drive

Tesla Motors isn't usually a company that advertises itself. It doesn't have to. Tesla owners do most of their advertising for them, from word of mouth, to shooting fan made commercials, to giving... Read more ››