Electric Vehicle News

2018 Nissan Leaf

New Nissan Leaf comes with ProPilot and more

Nissan unveiled the long awaited next generation Nissan Leaf last night in Japan. The new Leaf has been completely redesigned, sporting a more agressive, and less bug-like, look.  Rumors turned out... Read more ››
Cummins Urban Hauler Tractor electric semi

Cummins announces electric Urban Hauler Tractor

Cummins, a well known and respected manufacturer of diesel trucks for hauling, as announced an fully electric class 7 Urban Hauler Tractor, branded AEOS.  The truck features 100 miles of range... Read more ››
Cobalt Mining

EVs using forced labor for cobalt in their batteries? Not so fast.

Once again, certain news outlets and talk show hosts have begun the attack on electric vehicles. Once again, they have turned to cobalt mining as their source of ammunition to claim EVs are E-V-I-L.... Read more ››
2018 Nissan Leaf spy shot

New Nissan Leaf base price $29,990, 160 mile range

We don't know a whole lot about the new Nissan Leaf, but as we approach the September reveal, bits of information are trickling out of Japan.  Leaked documents show that the new Leaf will have a 40... Read more ››
Mazda and Toyota factory

Mazda and Toyota joining forces for electric vehicles

Nikkei is reporting that Toyota and Mazda are negotiating terms to come together to develop electric vehicle technologies together. Toyota at one time had a relationship with Tesla, using their... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 in Pearl White

Tesla Model 3: glowing reviews and 1800 new reservations per day!

It's been a week since the first 30 Model 3s were delivered to customers, and reviews from journalists who attended the event have been pouring in. So far, everything has been extremely positive.... Read more ››

Today is a historic day in the automotive industry

Tonight at 8:45pm Pacific time, Tesla will be live streaming the delivery of the Model 3 to the first thirty customers, presumably employees. This is exciting news for people who are interested in... Read more ››
Tesla Project Loveday Top Ten

Ten other picks for Tesla's Project Loveday

Tesla finally posted their picks for the top ten submissions for their Project Loveday video contest. Here is a playlist of their picks  You have to vote by liking the posts on their Twitter feed,... Read more ››
UK to ban gas, diesel, petrol cars

UK latest to announce end of diesel, gasoline cars

Just a few weeks ago France announced a move to ban all gasoline and diesel powered car sales by 2040. Now the United Kingdom has announced a similar goal to ban the internal combustion engine by... Read more ››
Tesla Model S in The Boring Company tunnel elevator

Watch a Tesla Model S get lowered into The Boring Company's first tunnel

The Boring Company was thought to be a joke when Elon Musk first mentioned it on Twitter back in December, but it is very quickly becoming a reality. This morning on Instagram he posted a quick video... Read more ››