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Elon Musk Tesla Model S vs Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk says base Model S is better car than fully optioned Model 3

Many Model 3 reservation holders have been torn between whether they should get a fully loaded Tesla Model 3, which is likely to run up to $80,000 or a Model S 75D, which starts at $79,500. Many,... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt Pricing

Why the Chevy Bolt is a great EV, and why it's not

I am a Nissan Leaf owner. I am also a Tesla Model 3 reservation holder.  I keep hearing people saying that the Chevy Bolt is awesome, and I keep hearing others say it's terrible. I would like to dive... Read more ››

Lucid Air will start at $60,000 with 240 miles range

Lucid Motors announced that the base price for their upcoming Air luxury electric vehicle will be $60,000, which is $8000 under the cost of the cheapest Tesla Model S. The base Model S has a range of... Read more ››
Tesla Model S Comic Book Wrap

Check out this Tesla wrap made to look like a comic book

Tesla owner and YouTube vlogger Burnie of Rooster Teeth took his Tesla Model S in to a wrap shop and made his car look like it came straight out of a cartoon. The results are fantastic. The car was... Read more ››
Elon Musk Tesla Logo 2017

Elon Musk makes a big bet with Australia for backup power system

South Australia has been plagued by blackouts due to storms, which have caused power companies to struggle with demand for energy use. A 1600 MW coal plant is closing later this month, adding to... Read more ››
Lucid Air MKBHD

Watch: in depth look at the upcoming Lucid Air from MKBHD

One of the best tech reviewers today, Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD), got to get an inside look at the upcoming Lucid Air. He rightly points out that the biggest talking point of the Lucid Air is the... Read more ››

Tesla Model 3 initial production in July, volume production in September

Tesla released their fourth quarter and end of year financials and guidance, and among the most exciting news is that Model 3 is still on track for initial production to begin July 1 and volume... Read more ››
Electric Vehicle Charging

The best electric vehicle chargers on the market in 2017

There are quite a few different choices for EV charging stations out there. I thought I would run through the most popular and give some of the pros and cons of each to help new EV owners make their... Read more ››
Tesla Model S rear facing seats

Dad loading kids in the back of Tesla mistaken for child abduction

A man in Newhall, California, just outside Santa Clarita, was loading his kids into the rear facing seats of his Tesla Model S when a passerby mistook him for a kidnapper and called police.  The... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 black

Initial production of Tesla Model 3 begins February 20!

Reuters has reported that sources have told them that Tesla has let suppliers know that they will begin initial production of a testing fleet of the upcoming Model 3 on February 20. This would mean... Read more ››