Electric Vehicle News

Tesla Battery Pack

Tesla has no plans to go above 100kWh batteries in the Model S, X or 3

Elon hopped on Twitter again to answer a few questions this morning. Among those was someone asking if P100D would be upgradeable to a hypothetical P110D when it's available. His response? No plans... Read more ››
Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous 0-60

Model S P100D hits 60mph in just 2.28 seconds in MotorTrend tests

The Model S P100D recently got a Ludicrous+ update that pushes the limits of their battery pack and motors. Motor Trend took the 4,891 lb. behemoth on the track to find out just how quick the car is... Read more ››
Denmark Wind Turbine

Wind turbine in Denmark broke record for 24 hour electricity production

A wind turbine in Denmark broke the record for the most energy produced over a 24 hour period in December. The 720 foot tall behemoth is part of MHI Offshore Wind.  On December 1, the turbine... Read more ››
Super Bowl Oil Ad

Big Oil got a big Super Bowl ad last night

During the Super Bowl last night, the American Petroleum Institute aired an ad to show us all how great oil is. It says a lot when an industry that is obviously used for a lot of things we have to... Read more ››
Lucid Air in San Francisco

Lucid Air goes for a spin around San Francisco

Lucid Motors posted a short video of its upcoming car, the 1000 horsepower Lucid Air, driving in and around San Francisco. I wish them well, because this EV is absolutely beautiful, inside and out.... Read more ››
Elon Musk and Donald Trump

A few words about Elon Musk and Donald Trump

Donald Trump is our president. Those words will either make some people cheer, or make others cringe. Obviously this is one of the most divisive political atmospheres in modern history. But, it is... Read more ››
Tesla Powerpack

Tesla Motors is now just Tesla, Inc.

Tesla is now officially just Tesla, Inc. rather than Tesla Motors. This name change reflects the evolution of their business to include power storage as well as solar panels following their... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model S

Tesla owner spends 24 hours with a Chevy Bolt

The Tesla Model S is nothing like the Chevy Bolt, other than being electric. There are many ways to compare them though, since the Bolt is the first 200+ mile range EV that's not a Tesla, and not $70... Read more ››
Farad Future vs. Lucid Air

A tale of two startup car companies: Lucid Motors vs Faraday Future

Tesla Motors is just about to reach their solid stride with the Model 3 later this year. Everything from the beginning has pointed toward this car. The Model 3 is the car that will take them from... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 Promo Video

ICYMI: 6 month old Tesla Model 3 promo video is big news?

I got a little excited this morning as news sites were reporting that a new video of the Model 3 had been spotted at a Tesla store in Europe. The video is taken at an angle of a TV on a wall.    ... Read more ››