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Fully Autonomous Chevy Bolt interior

GM announces fully autonomous version of their electric Bolt for 2019

GM has filed a petition to the DOT to get permissions to deploy a fully autonomous version of its electric Chevy Bolt as early as 2019.  In the petition, they have filed a lengthy report to make... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model S

Chevy Bolt sales up, but not enough to make a difference yet

GM has been gradually rolling out the Chevy Bolt to dealers in limited areas, and they have released sales figures for the month of May.  A total of 1,566 Bolts were delivered last month, a slight... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model S

Tesla owner spends 24 hours with a Chevy Bolt

The Tesla Model S is nothing like the Chevy Bolt, other than being electric. There are many ways to compare them though, since the Bolt is the first 200+ mile range EV that's not a Tesla, and not $70... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt Pricing

Chevy Bolt rollout details released

Aside from California and Oregon, no one else has gotten the Chevy Bolt, and many have been wondering when it will be available in their dealerships.  Chevy posted a distribution schedule that... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model 3

Why does everyone compare the Chevy Bolt to Tesla?

Chevy has a total of three of their electric Bolts on the streets of San Francisco. This is either good (more EVs!) or bad (really, only three of them?). It seems like everyone else is waiting for... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt

GM delivers the first three Chevy Bolts

GM promised to start delivering the Chevy Bolt in 2016. They just barely made it, as the first three Bolts have arrived in the hands of owners in the San Francisco area. Sadly, the Bolt is not yet... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt Charging

GM warns of massive potential battery degradation in the Chevy Bolt

Battery degradation is a big concern for EV owners and haters alike. We've become accustomed to huge capacity losses on our phones and laptops after a couple years, but in your car, you need it to be... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt

GM will sell every Bolt at a $9000 loss

Detroit News is claiming that a source close to the Bolt that GM is selling each one of the $37,500 vehicles at a $8000 to $9000 loss, before any ZEV credits. That coudl explain why they are only... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt Pricing

Chevy Bolt configurator now online

Chevy launched their Build & Price page for the Bolt, their long range EV that will be available in select markets soon and roll out next year.  The base price is $37,495, which is $2,495 more... Read more ››
Chevy Bolt Production

The Chevy Bolt starts rolling off production lines this week

General Motors has officially begun producing the Chevy Bolt, the first affordable (to the average US citizen) electric vehicle that can go more than 200 miles on a single charge, specifically 238... Read more ››