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Red Tesla Model 3 rear

Tesla Model 3 production at 1,000 per week, record quarter overall

Tesla sent out their 4th Quarter and 2017 production and delivery results this afternoon. The total deliveries across the brand were 29,870 vehicles for fourth quarter, their highest quarter to date... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 in Pearl White

VIN registration changes hint at 2,984 Model 3s sold in 2017

While Tesla has been quiet about 2017 deliveries or production ramp up progress so far, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) registration has been our best method of guessing at how that is going. We... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 Road Trip

I caught up with the Tesla Model 3 Road Trip - here are my thoughts

A couple days ago I finally got to drive the Tesla Model 3, thanks to You You Xue and his Tesla Model 3 Road Trip. By the time you read this, he's already traveled halfway across the country, but if... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 in Pearl White

Tesla Model 3 orders have opened to the public

Multiple people have reported that they have received their invitations to confirgure their Model 3, marking the first time non-employees have been able to order their car. Lead time looks to be just... Read more ››
Autotrader Tesla Model 3 review

What does a non-Tesla, non EV car guy think of the Model 3?

Doug DeMuro from Autotrader flew to California to drive and review the Tesla Model 3, and his takeaway is that it is the coolest car of 2017. The best part of this video is that his angle is from... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 review

First in depth review of the Tesla Model 3 is here!

Trevor Page at Model 3 Owners Club posted the very first in depth look at the Tesla Model 3, which went into production in July. The car is still only being delivered to employees but soon we will... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 in Pearl White

Tesla Model 3: glowing reviews and 1800 new reservations per day!

It's been a week since the first 30 Model 3s were delivered to customers, and reviews from journalists who attended the event have been pouring in. So far, everything has been extremely positive.... Read more ››
First production Tesla Model 3 SN1

The first production Tesla Model 3 has rolled off the line

Late last night Elon Musk tweeted out the first photos of the Tesla Model 3 that rolled off the production line (SN1). First, he posted a teaser image seen below in black and white, leading everyone... Read more ››

Poll shows two thirds of Model 3 reservation holders will wait for AWD

Reddit user stuffedpanda21 posted a poll in /r/teslamotors a couple days ago, and 665 votes later, it looks like about 70% of Tesla Model 3 reservation holders plan on waiting for the dual motor... Read more ››

Tesla Model 3 production has begun, official launch July 28

Elon Musk took to Twitter this morning (still officially Sunday night in California) to give the details on the Model 3 launch. The main takeaways are as follows: The Model 3 has passed all... Read more ››