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Red Tesla Model 3 in fall leaves

Last chance for the full $7500 tax credit on a Tesla

The federal tax credit was built to spur sales of electric vehicles. When Tesla reached the 200,000 vehicles delivered mark, the phaseout began, and the first phase will end for them on December 31.... Read more ››
Tesla Trip Planner

Tesla launches web based trip planner

While there are already other similar options out there, it is nice to see that Tesla has now launched an official trip planner on their website. The interface is basic: a Google map showing... Read more ››
Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla teases pickup truck that can haul a pickup truck

Along with the unveiling of the Semi and new Roadster, Tesla shared a quick glimpse at the future of the pickup truck last night.  When Elon posted the Tesla Master Plan Part Deux, he mentioned the... Read more ››
Tesla Semi Truck

Tesla unveils Semi Truck with amazing specs

Tesla unveiled their long awaited Semi Truck tonight, and the specs blow away everything that any other truck maker has announced by a long shot. Full specs are listed at the end of the article. The... Read more ››
Tesla Mega Supercharger

Tesla opens 40 stall supercharger station with lounge, family area, coffee shop and more

Photo Credit MojaTeslaX Tesla announced earlier this year that they would be building larger supercharging stations, and the first has now opened in Kettleman City, California.  The location has 40... Read more ››
Tesla Denied Dealership License in North Carolina

Charlotte North Carolina Tesla gallery no longer allowed test drives or ride alongs

Multiple reports are incoming that NC DMV commissioner Torre Jessup has put a halt to all test drives and ride alongs at the Charlotte (Matthews), North Carolina Tesla gallery/service center. UPDATE... Read more ››
Tesla Model 3 in Pearl White

Reality Check: Each month the Model 3 is behind schedule, thousands miss the full tax credit

Many Tesla Model 3 reservation holders like myself are hoping to get the federal EV tax credit with their purchase. The problem is the credit has a phase out period after each manufacturer reaches... Read more ››
Tesla Semi Truck

Tesla Semi spotted on testing grounds

(mockup based on spy shot) Overnight a user on Reddit posted a picture (now removed) of what they were told was the upcoming Tesla Semi at some testing grounds. In the spy shot we can see a nice... Read more ››
Tesla Semi Truck

Tesla Semi unveiling tentatively scheduled for October 26

Elon Musk finally gave a date for the semi truck unveiling, via Twitter:  Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride tentatively scheduled for Oct 26th in Hawthorne. Worth seeing this beast in person.... Read more ››
Tesla Project Loveday Top Ten

Ten other picks for Tesla's Project Loveday

Tesla finally posted their picks for the top ten submissions for their Project Loveday video contest. Here is a playlist of their picks  You have to vote by liking the posts on their Twitter feed,... Read more ››