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Tesla Mobile Service

Tesla is expanding service by adding 100 new service centers and more

Tesla has announced plans to expand their service coverage in advance of the Model 3 release.  Currently Tesla has just over 150 service locations, and they will be adding another 100, based on... Read more ››

Tesla Model S and X get big 0-60 upgrades on non performance models

Tesla bumped up the specs on both the Model S and Model X today, further differentiating them from the lower cost Model 3. On Sunday, Tesla plans on announcing details on the launch of the Model 3,... Read more ››

Tesla honors those who have paid the ultimate price with custom wrap

For the past few years, Tesla has created a custom car to honor those who have paid the ultimate price for serving the country for Memorial Day. SS Customs in Redwood City, CA to wrapped a Model S in... Read more ››
Tesla Model T Model 7 truck

EXCLUSIVE: photo of Tesla Model 7' pickup truck leaks

After years of speculation, an photo of Tesla's long awaited pickup truck has leaked. The full size truck is based on the Model X platform, and is called the Model 7', due to the seven foot bed.  The... Read more ››
Elon Musk Tesla Model S vs Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk says base Model S is better car than fully optioned Model 3

Many Model 3 reservation holders have been torn between whether they should get a fully loaded Tesla Model 3, which is likely to run up to $80,000 or a Model S 75D, which starts at $79,500. Many,... Read more ››
Tesla Battery Pack

Tesla has no plans to go above 100kWh batteries in the Model S, X or 3

Elon hopped on Twitter again to answer a few questions this morning. Among those was someone asking if P100D would be upgradeable to a hypothetical P110D when it's available. His response? No plans... Read more ››
Tesla Powerpack

Tesla Motors is now just Tesla, Inc.

Tesla is now officially just Tesla, Inc. rather than Tesla Motors. This name change reflects the evolution of their business to include power storage as well as solar panels following their... Read more ››
Electric GT Tesla on the track

Watch the Electric GT Tesla in action on the track

Later this year the Electric GT Championship will put all electric Teslas on the track against each other. EGTChampionship shared the first glimpse of their modified Model S testing at the Pau... Read more ››
Tesla Autonomous

We will begin seeing Tesla's full autonomy features in 3-6 months

Tesla started shipping the new Autopilot hardware 2.0 in October of last year. This hardware was put in place to allow full autonomous driving sometime in the future. Only recently has the software... Read more ››
Tesla Gigafactory

The Tesla Gigafactory is live

Tesla announced today that battery cell production has begun at their Gigafactory, starting what will likely become a historic turn in the push toward electric vehicles. The "2170" cells, which are... Read more ››