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Tesla Superchargers

Tesla to charge $0.40 per minute to supercharger hogs

Tesla finally gave details on how it will curb Supercharger blocking, where a Tesla owner will charge their car and leave it parked and plugged in far after it is finished charging, sometimes even... Read more ››
Tesla Supercharger Map 2016

Tesla has a LOT of Superchargers to open in the next two weeks

Tesla, often criticized for delays (and sometimes making promises they can't keep), displays a map of all current Supercharger stations on their website, as well as a projection for what they will... Read more ››
Electric GT Tesla Model S on the Racetrack

Check out Electric GT's Tesla Model S on the track

The Electric GT racing series kicks off next year, but they gave us a glimpse into the first modified Tesla Model S P85+ on the racetrack. The car is far from stock, as the entire interior is... Read more ››
Tesla Superchargers

Tesla announces paid supercharging

Tesla has announced a major update to their supercharging program. Until now, all Tesla vehicles have had the benefit of using the ever expanding supercharger network free for life.  Now, for Teslas... Read more ››
Prepaid supercharging for Tesla Model 3

Tesla adds section for supercharger payments to users' MyTesla page

Tesla users have noted that a new section has appeared on their MyTesla page. This section simply asked for a credit card payment method, with no notes as to what it is for.  Upon inspecting in... Read more ››
Tesla Autopilot saves lives

Tesla Autopilot reportedly saves another life

Tesla has been under fire after a driver was killed back in May while Autopilot was enabled in his Tesla Model S. The media seems to have talked about it non stop, as everyone I encounter that knows... Read more ››
Tesla Model S by Radio Flyer

Now your kid can own a Tesla Model S too!

Do you drive a Model S and wish your child could drive one too? Radio Flyer, the makers of the iconic red wagon, has partnered with Tesla Motors to create a real drivable Model S for kids, and they'... Read more ››
Tesla Summon Apple Watch

You can now summon your Tesla with your Apple Watch

We've seen dozens of videos of people using the summon feature, but this one takes it a step further. Using the Remote S app, Mark Schey of New Jersey shows us how to call your Tesla out of the... Read more ››
Tesla Autopilot

See how Tesla's Autopilot can change how you drive

Tesla Motors isn't usually a company that advertises itself. It doesn't have to. Tesla owners do most of their advertising for them, from word of mouth, to shooting fan made commercials, to giving... Read more ››
Tesla Model S summon across country

Elon Musk says Tesla will be able to drive itself across the country autonomously by 2018

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on press call today that in two years, a Tesla would have the ability to be summoned from hundreds of miles away. Though he did admit the prediction was "slightly optimistic... Read more ››