EV News about self driving

Fully Autonomous Chevy Bolt interior

GM announces fully autonomous version of their electric Bolt for 2019

GM has filed a petition to the DOT to get permissions to deploy a fully autonomous version of its electric Chevy Bolt as early as 2019.  In the petition, they have filed a lengthy report to make... Read more ››
Autonomous Self Driving Nissan Leaf

Nissan developed a self driving Leaf to tow cars around the parking lot

Nissan has modified a few Nissan Leafs (or is that Leaves?) to ferry other cars around the parking lot at the plant in Oppama, Japan.  The cars drive themselves, and can carry three other cars on a... Read more ››
Google's Self Driving Car

US regulators say that Google's car could be the driver, not the occupants

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has told Google that the computer of their self driving cars, and not any of the occupants, can now be considered the "driver" of the car.  The... Read more ››
Tesla Summon Apple Watch

You can now summon your Tesla with your Apple Watch

We've seen dozens of videos of people using the summon feature, but this one takes it a step further. Using the Remote S app, Mark Schey of New Jersey shows us how to call your Tesla out of the... Read more ››
Tesla Autopilot

See how Tesla's Autopilot can change how you drive

Tesla Motors isn't usually a company that advertises itself. It doesn't have to. Tesla owners do most of their advertising for them, from word of mouth, to shooting fan made commercials, to giving... Read more ››
Tesla Model S summon across country

Elon Musk says Tesla will be able to drive itself across the country autonomously by 2018

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on press call today that in two years, a Tesla would have the ability to be summoned from hundreds of miles away. Though he did admit the prediction was "slightly optimistic... Read more ››